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Meeting Summary, October 29, 2011

February 23, 2013

The minutes from the previous meeting 7/30/11 were reviewed and accepted with the following emendations from John:

1. The author who translated Ibn al-‘Arabi work on the Metaphysics of Imagination was William C. Chittick.
2. The correct spelling of Ibn Khaldun’s classic should be MUQADDIMAH.

Several present discussed their experiences and evaluations of the 13th Annual IAITMH Conference conducted at the Riley Outpatient Center on Friday, August 12th, 2011. The title was “Ethics in Early Childhood Fields: A Moral Psychological Approach.” Keynote speakers were Darcia Narvaez, PhD and Daniel Lapsley, PhD. Ethna was especially fascinated by the conscience sensitive task drawing her conscience and seeing and hearing about others’ conscience imagery. Dr. Lapsley had conveyed that he especially liked the conscience sensitive task involving the moralized genogram. Joe said that he and Susan had had fun with their group which revolved around the conscience sensitive task of the value matrix.

Ethna returned us to the subject of dreams–prophetic dreams, in particular– and experiences of synchronicity and shared her impressions upon reading from Perception of the Supernatural in Dream Visions from the Muqaddimah, recommended to her by John.

John said he had been reading a lot and working with the post traumatic nightmares emerging in therapeutic work. He described the therapeutic intervention of dream rehearsal in efforts to script different, more adaptive details and endings to recurrent dreams. He was anticipating even more such work would be needed with Iraqi War veterans, offering by way of explanation that the majority of his current clients were still those from the Viet Nam era.

Taking a break from reading, John said he wanted to hear a Muslim scholar and astrophysicist named Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui’s CD presentations on some of what is revealed in the Qur’an and findings in 21st century physics.

Providing her explanation of her symbolism (such as horses representing bounteous creation and water’s meeting with sand representing polishing), Deb presented her beautiful painting Mirror of the Heart to John. The work had taken several months to complete. A digital photograph of the painting taken with Ethna’s camera will appear as a separate attachment to the e mail covering these minutes. Deb also gave permission for the photograph to appear in Conscience Chronicles. John was very, very pleased and eager to obtain a suitable frame.

When not working on stunning imagery, Deb indicated she had lately been employed in a local grocery’s flower department and taking classes in flower arrangement.

Joe circulated a rare book Susan had found: Mitscherlich A and Mielke F (1949): Doctors of Infamy, the Story of Nazi Medical Crimes, Henry Schuman, New York. However his own reading was concerned with a book Hamilton H (2011) SACRIFICE ON THE STEPPE: The Italian Alpine Corps in the Stalingrad Campaign, 1942-1943, Casemate Publishers. The book concerns the Italian expeditionary force consisting of three hundred thousand soldiers volunteered by Mussolini to assist on the Russian Front in WWII. Most of the book, Joe said, was devoted to horrendous retreat in January and the aftermath. Especially noteworthy about the aftermath, Joe continued, was the expression of gratitude Italian survivors made for the humane treatment many received from the Russian people in the course of their hardship. Joe was also engaged in reading an essay given him by John on Islam. Otherwise he was “tapering the dose of his career into retirement”.

Jere circulated his grant proposal to the American Library Association for the Carnegie Whitney Award. Jere would like to create a bibliographic guide for libraries to build collections on the subject “Conscientious objection in the healing professions: a reader’s guide to the ethical and social issues”.

Meg provided an update of hers and Matt’s scholarly activities including a submission to the AAMC peer reviewed electronic journal MedEd Portal on conscience sensitive medical education. Jere indicated his willingness to help with the technicalities in making the submission.

Joe and Meg reflected upon their efforts over the years to promote humanism and ethics in the medical school curriculum. Most recently, the previous Wed, Meg attended a Grand Rounds presentation on Narrative Medicine presented by Rita Sharon, an MD with a PhD in English. The Gold Humanism Honor Society induction of students had been conducted the previous Friday and Dr. Jim Lemons had been the speaker that evening. Steve Ivy was expected to speak on cultural and spiritual conversations around pregnancy termination on next Wed November 2, 2011 at Pettigrew Auditorium. Meg and Matt were planning to attend a symposium on empathy sponsored by the Poynter Center ( on November 11, 2012. Nancy Eisenberg was to be a featured speaker.

Meg referred us to Smith C (2011): Lost in Transition, Oxford.

She was anticipating participation in this year’s Spirit and Place: The Body ( as a panelist in a discussion entitled “From Gross Anatomy to Compassionate Care”: the gift of a person’s body as cadaver for anatomic study conceptualized as creating the first patient encounter.

Respectfully submitted, 12-30-11,
Edited for Conscience Chronicles, 4/13/12
Matthew R. Galvin

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