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Conscience Works

Interrogating, confused, personified, brain - heart, externalConscience Works is a website that features electronically published works on moral developmental psychology and its applications.

Conscience Works grows out of more than twenty-five years of collaboration, research, writing and teaching under the auspices of the Indiana University (IU) Conscience Project.

Conscience Works is meant to serve several purposes and appears in four major divisions.

1. Theory, Research and Clinical Applications

  • To publish original scholarly work on conscience development and developmental psychopathology not available elsewhere,
  • To make available tools for assessment and measurement of conscience
  • To describe methods and techniques in clinical application

2. The Library of Conscience

To maintain and expand our digital library dedicated to:

  • Conscience sensitive books and literary essays for children, adolescents and adults, especially the teachers, parents and others who undertake the moral education of those who are younger, and to
  • Our special needs collection

3. Conscience and Ethics

  • To provide course materials designed to examine and promote the development of the professional conscience,
  • To make available essays and transcribed presentations on teaching methods,
  • To explore direct and subtle links between our conscience work and traditional medical ethics,

4. Conscience Chronicles

Our space (this site) to provide:

  • Editors’ comments and acknowledgments
  • Brief communications and updates on conscience topics
  • Information about workshops, meetings, and other items of interest relevant to the IU Conscience Project.

All titles in our collections are freely available for downloading, copying and distributing provided they are not altered in content, that appropriate attribution is given to their creators and that they are not sold for profit without written permission of the Editor-in-Chief of Conscience Works.

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