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The Library of Conscience

Book cover for: The Otters of Conscience-berg.The IU Conscience Project promotes Conscience Sensitive Moral Education. All contributions to our general and special needs collections are freely available for downloading, copying and distributing with provided that they are not altered in content, appropriate attribution is given to their creators and they are not sold for profit without written permission of the Editor-in-Chief of Conscience Works.

This collection includes items, for youth, adults and special needs:

For Youth

Galvin, M.R. & Stilwell, B., illus. S. Ferraro, intro. M.Gaffney (1998): The Conscience Celebration: A Story About Moral Flourishing. [PDF – 1.6 MB]

An electronic publication made possible with an unlimited grant from Solvay Pharmaceutical Co. This publication includes the findings from the Stilwell Conscience Study rendered in storybook form for middle school children with illustrations. Complete with chapter by chapter study guide.

Galvin, M.R., Gaffney, M. & Stilwell, B.M., illus. S. Laramore Ferraro (2002): Rachel and the Seven Bridges of Conscience-berg.

This second storybook is a fantasy sequel to The Conscience Celebration. Many real-life contributors to the study of moral development are honored for their labors in fictitious Conscience-Berg. With the help of an Imp, Rachel, the fictitious protagonist, finds something else: how each domain of conscience is linked with a bedrock value and how all the domains and bedrock values are inextricably connected.

Galvin, M.R., intro B.M. Stilwell. (2005): The Otters of Conscience-berg: A Fantasy About Retrieval of Life Affirming Values. [PDF – 2.4 MB]

The last among the Conscience Tales, The Otters of Conscience-berg is about life affirming values and value triangles. This book is suitable for middle and late adolescents. A companion study guide is available separately.


Galvin, M.R. (2008): The Lyric of Lafracoth.

A medieval historical fiction in dramatic form for older adolescents and adults, this verse play depicts a person of conscience in early 12th century Ireland. This work is intended for late adolescents and adults who have either acquired or are engaged in higher education. The author envisions uses in classrooms, drama and book clubs in which conscience sensitive character analyses and discussions of moral life in and out of religious contexts are deemed worthy of pursuit.


Titles in our Conscience Sensitive Moral Education Library addressing children with special needs, include:

Galvin, M.R., & Collins, R., intro. S. Blix, illus. S. Ferraro. (1992): Sometimes Y: A Story for Families with Gender Identity Issues. [PDF – 5.7 MB]

Galvin, M.R., illus. D.C. Galvin, foreward T. Petti. (2007): Grandma Grady’s Grade-A Gray Day. [PDF – 716 KB]

Galvin, M.R., illus. S. Laramore. (2007): Carlotta Learns About Her Medicine: A Story for Children with Inattention and Anxiety. [PDF – 110 KB]

These also are freely available for downloading. For those who would prefer to purchase ready-made hard copies, of the special needs titles, contact:

Barbara Osborne, NEW PERSPECTIVES OF INDIANA, INC. 6308-B Rucker Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46220. Telephone: 317 465 9688. Fax: 317-465-9689.

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